Are you qualified?
Yes. I have a VTCT Level 2 Certificate in Wax Depilation from ISIS Beauty Academy in Walton-on-Thames in Surrey. I am also qualified in Intimate Male Waxing; I studied with depilatory specialists Perron Rigot in London and Basingstoke, Hampshire. They offer the UK's first certificated classes in this advanced technique; the course was endorsed by Habia under their National Occupational Standards for Intimate Waxing.

What should I do , or not do, before I come for waxing?
Please do not clipper or shave the area before you are waxed, as I need at least half an inch - or about one centimetre’s growth - to be able to perform the waxing.

Doesn't it hurt being waxed?
If it's done properly, not as much as you might think! I use a numbing lotion for intimate male waxing which greatly reduces any possible pain. You should also make sure you are relaxed. If you are tense, the hair follicle closes and the wax doesn't reach the root. Immediately after waxing, I will apply gentle pressure to the area with my hands; this confuses the nerve endings and stops the pain. But the more often you get a wax treatment, the more accustomed you'll grow to the experience and the less it'll hurt.

Some people have been known to take a paracetamol before being waxed.

The latest non-strip waxes were invented by Perron Rigot to provide the perfect removal of all hair types, even on sensitive areas. They share the unique ‘shrink wrapping’ abilities of older hot waxes but are lower in temperature, easier to apply and stay flexible as they cool. This makes them much more comfortable and an ideal choice for removing short, coarse and stubborn hairs anywhere on your body.

Are there other ways to remove hair from my body?
Yes, but shaving or using a depilatory cream, only removes the hair at the surface rather than from the root. Within a few days, the hair can be seen at the surface and your hair will tend to grow back in a rough stubble. If you have those areas repeatedly waxed over long periods of time, often the hair re-growth is much softer and finer.

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