These are our minimum waxing prices:

Back and Shoulders £35
Back, Sac and Crack £60
Chest and Stomach £35
Brazilian (buttocks, sac & crack; a strip of hair is left) £70
Hollywood (buttocks, sac & crack; no hair left) £70

We charge £70 per hour.

There is a minimum charge of £35 per visit - except for Eyebrows £20.

We can also wax your arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers, toes or give you a full body wax at £70 per hour.

While you are here you can also buy:
Exfoliating Gloves £5.00 and PFB Vanish (to treat in-grown hairs) £15.00

Daniel Bester - Male Waxing

This waxing price list is for guidance only and is based on how long it takes, on average, to wax the area you are interested in. If you are very hairy or have very coarse hair, the time which it will take him to wax you will be longer. But if you maintain your waxing on a regular basis, or if you would like to have several areas waxed at the same time, the cost could be less.

Full written after-care advice is given following all waxing treatments. After any of the Intimate Male Waxing treatments, you will get a free after-care kit.

For full details please visit www.danielbeauty.co.uk